Brass (All Alloys)

Brass is solid solution strengthened copper alloy with zinc. As the zinc content increases in the alloy, the strength improves, but is accompanied by losses in conductivity and ductility. Moreover, it should be noted that as the zinc content rises, the inclination to stress corrosion cracking increases in the event of exposure to an ammonia atmosphere. This type of corrosion can, however, is combated in many cases by the removal of thermal stress. As the zinc content rises, the user may under certain circumstances have an economic advantage due to the different metal values.


CuZn10 CuZn15 CuZn30
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Architecture Components of Electrical Engineering Components of electrical engineering
Ordnance Weather Strips Contacts Ordnance
Leadframes Radiators Connectors
Wave Guides Conduits Cases
Detonator caps Costume Jewelry Heat Exchangers
Shell casings Hardware Coolers
Heat Exchangers Mechanical Housings
Ammunition and Shells
CuZn33 CuZn36 CuZn37
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Components of electrical Engineering Architecture Architecture
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omponents Heat Exchangers cases
Cases Fasteners
Springs Cylinder liners

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